Ductless Split AC Systems

If your home does not currently have an air conditioning system, it can be overwhelming to consider the cost and hassle of having a ducted system installed. That’s where ductless split AC systems can come into place. These units, often referred to as mini splits, give you all the cooling you want without the need for installing ducts throughout your home.

Ductless Split AC Systems Have Many Uses

Mini splits are often used in older homes without central air conditioning, as described above, but that is not the only time they can be a great investment for instance. If you are adding on an addition or room to your house, a mini split can be installed in your new addition. If you find that your current central AC unit is no longer offering even cooling, or keeps using higher and higher amounts of energy each month so replacing your system with a mini split may be a good choice.

The Two Main Parts of a Mini Split System

As is true of central air conditioning systems, ductless split AC systems have two components – an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit There is then a conduit, which is home to the refrigerant tubing, condensate drain, power cable, and suction tubing, that links the outdoor compressor with the indoor handling unit.

Mini Split Systems Help You Save Money and Energy by Only Cooling the Rooms You Use

One of the biggest advantages of mini split systems is the fact that they can offer different levels of cooling to different rooms. With a central system, you will set it at one set temperature and, due to a variety of issues, different rooms may have significantly different temperatures.

With a mini split, you can have as many as four handling units indoors, each of which can be set to a different temperature. Do you have a room that gets a lot of exposure from the sun and is always hotter than other rooms?

A Ductless System is Easier to Install and Doesn’t Involve Cooling Loss

Since the ductless system does not need ducts, it is much more cost effective to install than retrofitting a home with central air. The lack of ducts means that you don’t have the associated heating and cooling loss that comes along with them. According to Energy.gov, 30% of your energy use for your central AC could be lost in your ducts.

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