Air Conditioner Maintenance

Don’t wait for your air conditioning system to break down before having it serviced. At Pennies Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar we can provide air conditioning maintenance that keeps your unit in great shape. The frequency and type of service will vary based on your particular situation but you can count on a number of great benefits. Call us today at (661) 951-3634 for a quote now

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Help Improve Air Quality

If you have noticed poor air quality in your home, or if allergy sufferers seem to be having a tougher time than usual, then it may be that your air conditioning unit is in need of cleaning. During the maintenance process, we will remove dirt and particles that have collected within the unit. If said debris has made its way into the duct system, we may recommend a more thorough cleaning to prevent dust and dirt from spreading through your home.

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with the Help of AC Maintenance

When we come out for a maintenance call, we will inspect and clean the essential parts of your unit, including the blades and coiling coils. As a result, your unit will be able to provide cooler temperatures with less energy. Not only does this help lower your overall energy bills but it helps ensure that your AC unit offers uniform comfort throughout your home.

Prevent Future Service Calls with Air Conditioning Maintenance

An investment in maintenance today can help reduce costs in the future. Just as a dentist needs to check your teeth every six months to find hidden issues before they become major problems, our techs will do a thorough exam of your unit to ensure it is working as it should. If there are any parts that have become damaged or worn, we can replace them before they damage other components of your unit or prevent it from running at full capacity.

Enjoy Your Air Conditioning System for Years to Come with the Help of Regular Maintenance

There is no question that if you choose to invest in regular maintenance, your system will offer better performance than it would without said maintenance. Your HVAC system is one of the largest investments in your home – let us help it last as long as possible by providing regular maintenance. Call Pennies Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar now at (661) 951-3634 to get started in

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