Furnace Repair

Choose Pennies Air Conditioning, Heating for your furnace repair, We have repair services 24 hours. Do not wait to have your furnace repaired call us right now at (661) 951-3634 to make an appointment. We strive to provide competitive prices, exceptional services, and friendly customer service.

Do Not Call Just Anyone for Furnace Repair

In most households, the furnace is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment. Do you want to allow just anyone to work on it? At Pennies Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar we strongly suggest you choose a company that has years of experience. We have been in this business for 17 years and can handle any and all furnace repair needs you may have.

In that time, we have worked on a wide range of models, as well as both gas and electric furnaces. Every brand is a little bit different and each unit needs special care. Our experienced and highly-trained techs can ensure that your furnace gets the quality repairs it needs.

Ongoing Maintenance Can Help Prevent the Need for Repairs

While we are proud to offer you 24-hour a day furnace repair services, we also know that in a perfect world you would not need repairs at all. One of the best ways you can dramatically reduce the chances of an emergency is to get regular maintenance. With a thorough cleaning of your unit we can stop debris and dust before it causes harm. If there are worn out parts, we can replace them before the unit shuts down. If you want to avoid repairs then you should invest in furnace maintenance services.

Are You Dealing with a Heating Emergency? Call us Now!

We know that our clients don’t just need furnace repairs Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm. In fact, furnaces always seem to break down at the most inopportune times. The good news is that we can come to you 24 hours a day. Call us right now at (661) 951-3634 to begin the process.