Heater Maintenance Tips

Heater furnace maintainability should performed annually to hopefully prolong its life and efficiency value. You can hire a professional hvac contractor or you can do it yourself.

Heater Maintenance – Shut off the gas and power before proceeding . Look for a black pipe and shut-off valve should be nearby. The power switch can be found on the side of the furnace or simply flip breaker off at main panel. This associated Breaker may have the word FAU (forced air unit) Heater or furnace written next to it.remove furnace door then remove as much dust and debris as possible using dirt vac with attachments or use a simple paint brush. vacuum lower heater section and burners.

  1. Check the Thermostat and heater Wire.
  2. Check and or replace air filter.  Check Blower for debris! On most heating furnace the blower housing usually Located just beneath or in close proximity to filters.

3. Check or replace any cracked belts

4. Check Clean or replace flame sensor. If it looks black and charred probably best to call a professional.

5. .Check ducting in attic. If your attic seems to be the same temp as your home there is a possible chance you have duct leaks and replacement may not be such a bad idea. For more info: